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This article discusses Considerations need to be taken while designing Disaster Recovery with respect to the business continuity plan. This way Disaster recovery aims to minimize business downtime and focuses on getting technical operations back to normal in the shortest time possible.

Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist: 7 Critical Points in 2020<https://phoenixnap.com/blog/disaster-recovery-plan-checklist>
The need for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan cannot be felt more than in the aftermath of massive hurricanes that recently ravaged along the west coast of the US. Days-long power knockouts, physical blows and supply chain breakdowns left thousands of businesses in the dark. Most of them are now facing insurance fights, and significant infrastructure rebuilds to get back on track.

The second article discusses about Recovery options available using System image backup.


System Image Backup and Recovery Explained<https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/image-backup-and-recovery/>
Image backup technology can be helpful in cases of hardware or software failure, disaster recovery, or any malware attack. Speaking of less disastrous situations, you may need system image backup if you would like to switch to different hardware keeping the same system settings and configuration.

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