[cs615asa] CtF

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Fri May 15 20:27:31 EDT 2020


The CtF contest has concluded - all teams have
captured the final flag.  I hope that you had some fun
with the challenges and I hope you noticed that they
were at least somewhat related to the different
lectures we had.

Since several of you got stuck on level 4, I wrote up
the solution here:

The system is still up, and I recommend that you
follow this solution to verify that you can now pass
level 4.  I've also granted read permissions on the
various source files so you can look at those as well.

I will shut down the two instances used during this
CtF after the weekend.  If you have any questions
about any of the challenges, please send them here to
this list.

I'll complete your final grades for the semester over
the weekend and send out another email when those are
handed in.


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