[cs615asa] numbering

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Thu Apr 1 17:31:59 EDT 2021


I've just uploaded the first video segment for _next_
week's materials.  This will bring some confusion as
far as numbering goes:

This coming Monday, we'll talk about "Writing System
Tools", as per the syllabus, which is our Week 09.
There won't be any videos for that class, and we'll
cover the material synchronously in class, although
I'm encouraging you to go over the slides in advance:

The following week, on 04/12, we'll talk about
backups and monitoring -- or Week 10.

But in order to keep the videos on YouTube consistent
without a gap those videos are named "Week 09", and
all videos going forward will carry this (from your
perspectivem, anyway) off-by-one error.

This really doesn't matter, but just to preempt any
questions around the naming, I figured I'd send this
lengthy explanation.


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