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Tue Apr 20 19:32:22 EDT 2021

Hi all! This evening I attended a talk at ASPLOS 2021 on Clobber-NVM, a failure-atomicity library that ensures data consistency by re-execution

Clobber-NVM: Log Less, Re-execute More:


Clobber-NVM is a compiler-based nonvolatile memory solution for data and logging loss. It is meant to solve the recovery logging problem by executing within NVM. Using an undo log, re-execution can allow for the persistence of recovery. Clobber-NVM restores inconsistent data within data that is overlapped between read and right areas of memory, and uses a Vlog to record reads, and re-execute transactions to recreate lost writes. It outperforms other recovery formats.

This is related to CS615 because data loss is a real problem that system administrators deal with constantly. A well-created solution to recover lost data through re-execution of transactions uses nonvolatile memory is a very lucrative system, giving peace of mind and consistency.

I chose this talk because we were talking recently about the usefulness of logging, and I wanted to get a second view on some alternatives and what the forefront of the industry is thinking about to move forward.

I learned about nonvolatile memory, and how a failure-atomicity library works to retrieve clobbered memory through re-execution. I also learned why this problem even exists, and the challenges that are created when readable memory overlaps with writable memory and clobbers data.

The publication can be found here

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