[cs615asa] Welcome to CS615 System Administration, Spring 2021!

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Jan 25 09:59:23 EST 2021

Hello, and welcome to CS615 System Administration,
Spring 2021!

Our class is scheduled to begin next week, so I wanted
to send out an email with some useful information for
you to get the most out of this class.

Since this class will be 100% online this semester, a
lot will depend on your own motivation and initiative,
but I'm here to provide resources for you as best as I

Let's cover the basics:

I've subscribed all students who are officially
enrolled in this class to this mailing list; this will
be the primary means of communication for us.  Please
don't hesitate to ask questions here -- this is not
intended as an announcements-only list, but as a place
for discussions.

I've also sent you an invite to the course Slack

Please customize your profile there and add your full
name and say hi to each other.  We'll use this channel
to chat informally in semi-real time.  Please use this
space to talk amongst yourselves and help each other
out or just share some interesting links relevant to
the class.

Finally, I've created a YouTube channel for this
class, where I'm uploading video lecture segments for
you to watch and work with:

Using these resources will allow us to keep our
assigned, synchronous classroom time to talk with you
in real time rather than lecture via Zoom.

Hopefully this will encourage more interactive
participation and foster a more engaging online class

For this to work out, I'll expect you to watch the
video lectures _before_ our online Zoom class; the
videos for week 01 have already been uploaded.

I'm also asking you to fill out a quick questionnaire
prior to each week's class, linked to from the course
syllabus on the course website at:

Please make sure to review the posted videos and
slides before Monday.  I hope that with all these
resources we will have a successful and productive
class, and don't hesitate to ask questions either on
Slack or on this mailing list.

See you next Monday on Zoom!

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