[cs615asa] HW2 / HW3

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 15 14:49:57 EDT 2022


I've just sent out grades for HW2.  If you have not
received an email from me with your grade, please let
me know.

I notice that so far nobody has asked any questions
about HW3, which leads me to conclude that none of you
has started working on it.  I very strongly recommend
that you do start it and that you do ask any questions
you might come across.  Don't waste hours of
frustration when you could instead seek help.

I also have not heard from most of you regarding your
meeting assignment, nor seen any volunteers for an
in-class presentation.  It sounds to me like most of
you are really looking forward to having a lot of work
left to do towards the end of the semester when your
other clases also have additional work due...


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