[cs615asa] [CS615] Week 9 Presentation - Comparison of Shells

Tyler Kaminski tkamins1 at stevens.edu
Fri Mar 25 00:33:35 EDT 2022

Hi everyone,

For our class next week on shell-scripting, I will be doing a presentation on journeying through the various kinds of POSIX-compliant and non-POSIX-compliant shells available to systems administrators and how they stack up to more common shells like bash and zsh. Below are some useful links for getting a taste of all that the world of shells has to offer:

Xonsh (Shell combining Bash and Python): https://xon.sh/

Nushell (Feature-rich shell written in Rust):

Dash (Bare-bones POSIX-compliant shell made for speed): https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-ubuntu-linux-binbash-vs-bindash-vs-binshshell/

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