[cs615asa] HW3 grades

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Sat Mar 26 16:33:38 EDT 2022


I've just sent out grades for HW3.  I hope that our
discussion in class helped clarify what we were trying
to do.

I'll repeat once more that if you are stuck, if you
find anything difficult, or things don't make sense,
*please ask questions* either here on the mailing list
or on Slack.  There are no traps set in the
assignments, and I'm not trying to trick you.  I
cannot help you if you don't ask questions, and you
might end up either wasting a lot of time or
misunderstand the assignment.

Before our next class, please also rememeber to fill
out the weekly checkpoint, and do remember to
regularly update your class notes.

See you on Monday in class,

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