[cs631apue] CS631 APUE Fall 2011

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Fri Aug 5 17:36:34 EDT 2011


This is the mailing list for CS631 APUE Fall 2011:

While it's still a few weeks until the semester starts, I wanted to let
you know that the class currently has very low enrollment.  If you want
to make sure that the class runs, please ask your friends to sign up,
too -- we need at least 6 students to run the class, we currently have

Now don't drop the class because you're afraid it won't run: (a) this
makes the problem worse :-) and (b) we still have plenty of time and
usually end up with enough students, but I figured it wouldn't hurt if
you guys tell others what a wonderful, interesting and challenging class
they could be taking next semester...

Cheers (it is International Beer Day today, after all),

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