[cs631apue] HW#5 grades mailed

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Dec 19 19:00:30 EST 2011


I just sent out grades for HW#5.  If you have not received a grade,
please let me know ASAP.  Here are some notes about the assignment:

- Make sure to only run the commands necessary.  That is, if the
  resulting binary exists (and is 'up to date'), don't rebuilt it (or do
  any of the other steps).
- If you are always running 'make clean' as part of your normal 'all'
  target, then you're missing the point of using 'make'. :-)
- patching/porting:
  You want to make sure not to remove any functionality.  To that
  extent, consider what each of the things you are tempted to just
  remove actually does.  For example, the __COPYRIGHT and __RCSID macros
  ensure that a given string is embedded in the resulting binary --
  taking this out removes this information.  (This isn't terrible, and
  not a loss in _functionality_ per se, but still undesired.)
  You can grep for __RCSID under /usr/include to find that including
  bsd/sys/cdefs.h will provide what you need.

  'getbsize' should be replaced with a call to getenv("BLOCKSIZE"), but
  care must be taken to convert the value using atoi() and checking the

  Removing blocks of code is usually undesirable.  Instead, try to
  determine what the block of code is conditional upon and let the
  pre-processor do the magic for you:

+#ifdef S_IFWHT
        case S_IFWHT:
                return (1);

  is preferable over your defining S_IFWHT (which makes no sense if the
  OS in question doesn't even have this type of file) or completely
  removing the code.


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