[cs631apue] midterm

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Oct 10 21:33:09 EDT 2011


I've reviewed your midterm snapshots.  While some of you are off to a
good start, I believe that all of you still have some ways to go.
Consider that the sample NetBSD implementations has a total footprint of
nearly 1700 lines of code (even though it implements a few more
options) and compare what you have so far written.

I think the two most important parts you want to focus on are the basic
program layout using fts(3) (many of you already have that) and the
"long" listing.  Make sure to ask any questions you may have on this

Please note that I have updated the midterm description to include extra
credit options:


,----[ extra credit ]
| For 15 extra credit points, implement the "-C" option ("Force
| multi-column output; this is the default when output is to a
| terminal."), which nicely formats the output similar to the way the OS
| provided version of ls(1) does.
| For 5 extra credit points, implement the "-x" option ("The same as -C,
| except that the multi-column output is produced with entries sorted
| across, rather than down, the columns.").
| Both of these options take the COLUMNS environment variable into
| account.

Please also note that next week in class we will once again review some
of your code in class.  If I can't find a volunteer to present their
ls(1) work in progress, we will randomly select one of you. :-)

Keep up the good work,


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