[cs631apue] OmniOS access

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Dec 3 22:36:53 EST 2012


I've fixed the issue with the OmniOS system, and you should now be able
to log in using your ssh key from linux-lab.cs.stevens.edu on all three

ssh -i ~/.ssh/cs631 cs631-netbsd.netmeister.org
ssh -i ~/.ssh/cs631 cs631-omnios.netmeister.org
ssh -i ~/.ssh/cs631 cs631-rhel.netmeister.org

As was mentioned in class, please make sure to use these systems to
explore the differences in these three unix versions as well as to test
IPv6 capabilities.

If you run into any problems or want to note anything interesting,
please send a mail to this list.


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