[cs631apue] Request like /~jschama/

ccui1 ccui1 at stevens.edu
Wed Dec 5 17:41:35 EST 2012

Hi all,

The request like
/~jschama/ we transfer that to /home/jschama/sws/.

If we get a request like /~jschama/testdir/ we transfer that into 

Does that means when we get such kind of request, we find the files or 
directories under /home/jschama/sws/?

What if we get a request like
/~jschama/../testdir/file ?

Shall we just pick the requested file name and find the same file name 
under ./usr/htdocs/ ?

This kind of request messed me up.

Another question is:

Why do our web server support such kind of request?
If I run this server, it means others can see the information in my 
personal folder.
How can that be useful for a web server?

Chao Cui
phone: 518-505-0519
Master of Computer Science Candidate
Stevens Institute of Technology

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