[cs631apue] setproctitle()

jphillip jphillip at stevens.edu
Sat Dec 8 14:36:36 EST 2012

You want to prevent anyone else from seeing the key that was used 
because that would make your encryption vulnerable.  The system stores 
the command that was used to start processes from the command line.  
This can be seen by running ps.  If you don't modify the key passed to 
the encryption program anyone could see it by running ps.  Two ways of 
changing what the system stores as the command that was run is by 
modifying argv or using setproctitle.


On Sat, 08 Dec 2012 14:16:54 -0500, yluo4 wrote:
> Hi, I still don't understand why we need to use setproctitle or
> manipulate argv.  Is that because we need to change the process' 
> name,
> so that others can't find it in process table? Thank you!
>    Yulong
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