[cs631apue] Midterm Project

ktiruma1 ktiruma1 at stevens.edu
Wed Oct 15 13:51:30 EDT 2014

This is karthik Tirumala, I have a  doubt regarding the project.
  I am working the traversing and sorting the  through the file system. 
For reference I went through the FreeBSD ls program and for walking 
through the directories they used

if ((ftsp =fts_open(argv, options, f_nosort ? NULL : mastercmp)) == 

where is loop and calls the compare function ,  so can I use the similar 
function or would it be considered as copied ? I am  not using  the same 
function which which are used by them, I want to know if I can just take 
the above mentioned condition and change it and use it in my program.

Karthik Tirumala.

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