[cs631apue] How to prevent "creat" open already opened file

Tyler Romeo tromeo at stevens.edu
Thu Sep 17 02:30:19 EDT 2015

Make sure to read the whole man page, as it also contains the very similar
fstat(2), which is equivalent except operates on file descriptors instead
of paths.

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On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 9:48 PM, Jan Schaumann <jschauma at stevens.edu> wrote:

> Shenghan Gao <sgao9 at stevens.edu> wrote:
> > I know I could compare names of two paths. But simply compare the name
> > couldn't prevent this if there is a symbolic link.
> Correct.  You would need to find another way of testing whether or not
> two given filenames reference the exact same file.  Take a look at
> stat(2).
> -Jan
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