[cs631apue] midterm grades

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Sat Oct 22 14:07:53 EDT 2016


I'll be sending out midterm grades in a few minutes.  I have to say I'm
rather disappointed by most of the submissions.  Your code frequently
didn't compile and many of you did not complete the assignment.  Many
implementations segfaulted under normal usage due to unchecked return
values; the sample tests I provided to you appear not to have been
considered and in some cases even basic functionality was missing.

As many of you will need to make up lost points in the final assignment,
I *very strongly* recommend that you do NOT delay getting started on
that project.  Remember that:

- your code MUST compile WITHOUT warnings on linux-lab; you MUST use the
  '-Wall -Werror' flags
- the return value of any function that may fail needs to be checked
- the basic functionality described in the assignment is non-optional
- you are working as a team; make sure to collaborate with your partner


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