[cs631apue] Welcome to CS631 APUE, Fall 2021

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Fri Aug 27 18:09:26 EDT 2021

Hello, and welcome to CS631 Advanced Programming in
the UNIX Environment, Fall 2021!

This email is intended to give you a quick overview of
how this class will run this semester.  Please read it
carefully and in its entirety.

As you can tell, I've subscribed you to the class
mailing list (cs631apue at lists.stevens.edu); this will
be the primary means of communication for us.  It is a
discussion list, not just for announcements, so feel
free to ask questions or share interesting content.

I've also sent you an invite to the course Slack
channel (https://cs631apue2021.slack.com/).  Please
customize your profile there and add your full name
and say hi to each other.  We'll use this channel to
chat informally in semi-real time.

Stevens has scheduled this class to be in-person, but
we will still follow a flipped classroom model,
whereby the lecture content is provided to you in the
form of youtube videos (posted to the class channel at
https://youtube.com/c/cs631apue) for consumption
_prior_ to our scheduled meeting time in class and we
will use our synchronous time for discussions and
follow-up questions.

As a result, we may not meet in person every single
week and instead sync up via e.g., Zoom at least some
of the time.  However, we _will_ meet in person for
our first class on Monday, August 30th.  The currently
assigned classroom is North Building 101, but make
sure to check in Workday/Canvas on Monday, as this may

Due to low enrollment, there is also a small chance
that the registrar may decide not to run the class at
all;  if you have friends who have expressed interest
in this class, but have not enrolled, you should
convince them to do so now to ensure the class will
indeed run.

All other class information, including the detailed
syllabus, is available from the course website at:

Please bookmark that URL and regularly visit / reload
it.  The YouTube channel and existing video lectures
are linked to from there already.

If you can, please also watch at least the first video
segment (https://youtu.be/BsB9Cg6yJc4) before Monday
and make note of any questions you may have.

See you in class!

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