[Sgdc] Game Developers Social

John Gillespie jgillesp at stevens.edu
Wed Jul 16 19:35:33 EDT 2008

Next tuesday, July 22nd, the NJ and (more/less) NY chapters of the
International Game Developers Association are having another social
get-together at Mile Square.  Drinks are cheaper for IGDA members, and I'm
sure you can convince one to act as a middleman for you (given that you are
over 21, of course).  As usual rockband will be set up and there are tales
of various demos created by members for show as well.  This event starts at
6:30 and ends around 9/10.  Note that you do not have to be 21 to attend,
just to legally drink.

Mile Square Bar & Grill is located on Washington st, between 2nd and 3rd.

- Dizzy
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