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John Gillespie jgillesp at stevens.edu
Mon May 19 20:40:43 EDT 2008

Just a reminder - IGDA meet-n-greet at Mile Square tomorrow, with rock band
etc.  Meet students from other schools (silly folk) and game devs (like the
guys who made Frontlines).

Also - Bloomfield is a college somewhere else in the area, with an actual
game development-type concentration (unlike the joke we have here).  Anyway,
some news:

A senior team of artists and producers at Bloomfield college are looking for
one to two programmers to work on their '08-'09 capstone project. The
development would involve working with an established engine, possibly
Valve's Source engine, and would provide needed experience to break into the
games industry.
Interested parties should contact Andrew Grapsas (agrapsas at stevens.edu) for
more information.

See you tomorrow!
- Dizzy
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