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Hey folks!

This is Ted here, your friendly neighborhood MSP, I also made fun of Karl a
bit during the meeting. I would apologize but I really meant it :<
And I'm also not a mean person :)

I think we could put together some rocking teams for Imagine Cup 2009. Here
is a bit of information from the website about the game design competition:

The object of the Game Development Invitational is to create a new game
that uses both Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 3.0 and Visual
Studio. Competitors' games should illustrate the Imagine Cup theme *"Imagine
a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today."
* This is a chance for students who've always enjoyed playing games to
create their own game and at the same time help change the global community.
The Game Development Invitational is a great opportunity for learning and
advancement towards an important step in their budding careers either as a
game developer or as an entrepreneur in the game business. This is the
students' opportunity to build a full game from scratch!

Again, that's straight from: http://imaginecup.com/Competition/Overview.aspx

I suggest everyone interested head over to the Imagine Cup website and make
an account. When you have an account you can sign up for the newsletter and
read the forums if you'd like.
I would love to make a team with you guys, let me know what you think. We
could put together a few teams together!

Send some emails over the listserv, just send the emails to *
sgdc at lists.stevens.edu*, if you have any ideas or questions.
If we got some teams together with Bloomfield we could rock the floor. *Undead
Dance Terrorist Religion Revolution BABY!*

I'll be at tomorrow's (Thursday) meeting for C2GS and I'm sure Andrew and
John will be there too, along with everyone else who is super cool- so if
you folks have questions hit me up after the meeting.

On a side note, if anyone wants really good Japanese food from Manhattan I
know a fantastic place called Yakatori, let me know if you're interested and
I'll fill you in on what's up.
(You could also google the place if you don't want to talk to me.)


"I'm not even angry,
I'm being so sincere right now."

Theodore M. Reed
Alpha Sigma Phi - Brotherhood Development Chair
Information Technology Consultant
Microsoft Student Partner
Stevens Institute of Technology
(609) - 287 - 0534

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