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Hey Everyone,

I'm thinking if we make teams of two programmers and two designers everyone
would be comfortable.
We would have direct communication as programmers and same goes for the

I hope more people are interested in kicking this off, let's start hearing
some ideas!

Have fun!

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 5:26 PM, Zack Freedman <zfreedma at stevens.edu> wrote:

>  Game-development competition? I'm all over that shit. Count me in. I'm
> putting together some design documents for ideas using the format listed on
> Sloperama, mentioned in a previous mail. When I'm done, let me know and I'll
> send them out.
> Having dedicated art students at a different school would be excellent –
> not only do they have talents and equipment we can't get here, they are on a
> different (and probably less packed) schedule than us and thus more able to
> work when we can't.
> We are legion,
> Zack Freedman
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