[Sgdc] Next Meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 9:00 PM, Babbio 220

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Hey, all (again),

Zack sat down with me today and we got a lot accomplished for the upcoming
Imagine Cup team recruitment.
We'll be posting some fliers up sometime soon this week and alerting the
campus about the SGDC meeting on Tuesday.
So please let all your friends know about the Imagine Cup, if you don't know
anything about it please head over to: http://imaginecup.com/

There you can make an account and check out all the rules and what-not.

*Basically this next meeting will be about making a game with XNA.*

Formally we'll eventually register a team and submit the game we make.

What's going to happen at this next meeting:
1) Talk about what Imagine Cup is
2) Get some ideas on the floor about what kind of game we want to make
3) Review past winners
4) Decide on a team, or more than one team.

* Also for those interested there will be a session on 3D graphic design
Wednesday (oct 1st) at BC319. This will be held by the Open Source Art
Society at Stevens.

Please contact me (treed at stevens.edu) or Zack (zfreedma at stevens.edu) if you
have any questions about the upcoming SGDC meeting, Imagine Cup, Homework,
Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Hope to see you all there!!!

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 10:01 PM, <sgdc at lists.stevens.edu> wrote:

> Hey, all,
> We'll be having a meeting on Tuesday, October 6th at 9:00 Pm in Babbio 220.
> There'll be the typical awesomeness of snacks as well as a specific talk on
> XNA from John and yours truly, as well as Imagine Cup conversations led by
> Ted Reed (Our local MSP).
> I'm not 100% on the room yet, waiting to hear back from the Registrar. I'll
> let you know if it changes.
> Anywayz, I'll see you all there!
> ~ Andrew
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