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> From: Dan Duchamp <djd at cs.stevens.edu>
> Date: August 31, 2009 11:17:05 AM EDT
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> Subject: [Cs-classof2010] New courses & program in computer gaming

> Computer Science graduate students, seniors, and juniors: I am writing
> to make you aware of a new MS degree offered by the CS department:
> Game Design and Simulation Programming.  We haven't yet updated the CS
> web site or catalog to describe the program, so for the time being
> this message will have to serve.
> The description below was written by Prof. Kamberov, who is creator
> and director of the program.  The entry course for this program, CS
> 585 Introduction to Game Development, meets Monday night and is
> co-taught by Prof. Kamberov and Coray Seifert, a professional game
> developer.
> I urge you to read Prof. Kamberov's web page cited below, and perhaps
> attend tonight's class to find out more.
>> The CS department is offering a new MS Program in Game Development  
>> and
>> Simulations and two related certificates in graphics and animation  
>> and
>> in AI fro gaming.
>> The 30 credits program will prepare students for positions in the
>> gaming industry as well as in industrial, government, education and
>> research organizations involved in simulation, visualization,  
>> training
>> and edutainment. Furthermore, the program will prepare students for
>> entry in elite PhD programs in Computer Science, Remote Sensing, and
>> Geographic Information Systems.  The program will expose the students
>> to: (i) The fundamentals of interactive game design; (ii)
>> State-of-the-art graphics and animation and behavior modeling; (iii)
>> The methodologies for game development; (iv) Provide an insight in  
>> the
>> entrepreneurship skills and environment needed to be a successful
>> member of the gaming community.
>> Fall 2009 Course Offerings: CS 537 Introduction to Interactive
>> Graphics and CS 585 Introduction to Game Development
>> For more information about the program and the certificates
>> visit http://www.cs.stevens.edu/~kamberov/teach/DescrptionForDJD.html
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