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Zack Freedman magikazoc at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 15:31:01 EST 2009

SGDC Members;

Each year, Microsoft runs the Imagine Cup, a series of technology contests
that includes a high-stakes game-development competition. The students who
have the talent to develop an entry earn themselves an unparalleled
opportunity -  the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world, win
spectacular cash prizes, and honestly say they're the best student game
developers on Earth.

The Stevens Game Development Club and Microsoft Student Partners proudly
invite all Stevens students to a special workshop on the 2010 Imagine Cup.
We'll walk you through the competition, explain what it takes to be a
contender, and even get you on the way to beginning your effort. All skill
levels are welcome - the Imagine Cup is a perfect entry point for a new game
developer, as well as a true trial-by-fire for the elite coder or designer.

If the thought of bettering the world, five-digit cash prizes, and
international recognition aren't enough, there will be free snacks and door
prizes for all participants, with Xbox game giveaways to round out the show.

Make games, change lives, win big. Come to the 2010 Imagine Cup meeting and
find out how. The event begins on Wednesday, November 11th at 9:00 in Babbio
122. Remember to bring a laptop!

Zack Freedman
Stevens Business/Technology Junior
President, Stevens Game Development Club
Founder and Producer, Triple Six Studio
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