[Sgdc] Fw: SRCIT Spring Break DOWNTIME [Monday+Wednesday]

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Fri Mar 11 15:16:01 EST 2011


This applies to us; all SVN access for the SGDC will be down during the hours listed. Plan accordingly.

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Subject: SRCIT Spring Break DOWNTIME [Monday+Wednesday]
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To all users of the SRCIT systems,

        *** SRCIT systems will be unavailable during following periods for scheduled maintenance ***
        *** Monday, March 14th from 11am - 5pm and Wednesday, March 16 from 11am - 5pm *** 
        *** For more information, please access www.srcit.stevens.edu ***

Services down will include:
   personal websites "~<username>"
   Any services attempting to connect to your home directory.
Please log off your systems before downtime commences to prevent data loss or
possible data corruption.

     -SRCIT staff
     srcit at stevens.edu

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