[Sgdc] Ludum Dare 24

Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Fri Aug 10 21:37:14 EDT 2012

Hey All,

Ludum Dare 24 is in 2 weeks from now, the weekend of August 24-26. I
originally planned to open up the room for everyone and compete. However,
I'll be in Montreal that weekend, so I obviously can't go. Please let me
know if you can, want, and will be in Hoboken that weekend and competing in
Ludum Dare. I'd like to make sure someone has the key to the room if we
have enough people. I'll be out of Hoboken by this Friday, so I need to
know by then, unless Dan is around and willing, since he has the other
key. Please respond asap.

*TL;DR: Ludum Dare 24, August 24-26. Email me ASAP if interested.*

Make Games,

Also, I'll send out an email about the first meeting of the fall semester
soon. Come to this Tuesday's meeting if you're around.
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