[Sgdc] My new game, Abducted

Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Wed Feb 1 00:32:04 EST 2012

Ok, so I really didn't want to spam the email list with this but I need all
of your help.

As you probably know from tonight's meeting,* I released a flash game on

As of writing I am 6th for this week's contest on Kongregate. 1st, 2nd, and
3rd place get cash prizes. and I am only 0.17 stars away from beating the
current 2nd place game.

If you have time, check the game out, and if you like it *please rate it 5

Also you'll need to make an account to rate it, sorry.

And if you are making an account now *do not leave any positive comments*.
Last time I released a game, friends of mine were being nice and leaving
comments, and a few idiots who were regulars on Kongregate made false
accusations that I made all the level 1 accounts that commented and my
rating dropped almost immediately.


Thanks and Make Games,
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