Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 21 14:55:03 EST 2012

So, Indie Game: The Movie is going on tour. I know you are all super
excited. Go to their site an request a screening in New York City. For any
of you who want game development to be more than just a hobby, this movie
is a must see. For anyone who likes games in general (all of you), this
movie is a must see. For anyone who is a human (all of you... I hope), this
movie is a must see!


If they don't add a showing in the area, then I'll make sure it is an SGDC
event (maybe with C2GS or something) when I get the digital copy/Special
Edition DVD (will probably make it an event anyway).

Also, anyone who can get to my apartment within half an hour of the movie's
digital release, there will be a showing there.

- Kenny
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