[Sgdc] Mini LD #37 & October Challenge

Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Tue Sep 18 11:12:52 EDT 2012

Hey all,

Mini LD #37 was just announced. Basically its a practice or lightweight
version of full Ludum Dare. Details here:

It will officially be this upcoming weekend, but can be done anytime from
now until October. I will maybe be around to open up the room on Sunday for
anyone who wants to jam. The theme is "NOT-GAMES" and "REAL TIME". If
you're interested check it out. Teams are ok, as are frameworks.

Alsoooo, October Challenge starts in October (duh, guys, duh). October
Challenge is an event hosted by Ludum Dare to make/finish/release a game
before the end of October and make at least $1 from it. I did this in 2010
and I barely made any money but it was awesome (not really my game sucked)
and I'll be doing it again this year. I suggest every at least try to do
something, because you could come out of it with experience, almost
finished game, money, etc. I'll talk about it more at tomorrow's meeting.

Remember our motto: "Make Games. Polar Bear. Profit."

*TLDR: MiniLD this weekend/monthend. October Challenge in October. Games,
Bears and Money. *

Make Games,
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