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Kenneth Goff kgoff at stevens.edu
Thu Sep 20 15:41:46 EDT 2012

Mini-LD #37: Ongoing/This Weekend (
October Challenge: October (http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/)

IGF: Deadline October 17th (http://igf.com/)
IGF Student: Deadline October 31st (http://igf.com/)

Imagine Cup International: March 13, 2013 registration (
Imagine Cup US: TBA (http://www.imaginecup.us/)
>From Brent:
"Imagine Cup this year has an open theme (can be anything/doesn't have to
be lame save the world stuff) and the prizes have been increased (1st place
is $50,000). You should tell the club."

DuckJam (random name I'm calling it): TBD by us.

Just some stuff I know about and that we've done in the past.

- Kenny
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