[SGDC] Game Jam Winners

Frank DiCola yoshgunn at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 03:31:47 EST 2013


I hope the finals period is treating you well. That is to say, I hope you
are still alive when you are reading this. If not, that means you are dead.
So, a zombie. A dead zombie that can read emails. Damn finals!

Here are the results of our Game Jam!

*1st Place* goes to Jason Gardella for his game *Mate For Life!*
*2nd Place* goes to Kevin Quigley, Ashley Bromiley and Bill Cusick for
their game *Magnemaze!*
*3rd Place* goes to Nick Antonov for his game *Attraction Fling!*

Congratulations to those who won, and thank you to everyone who competed!
If you won something, you should go to Student Life on the 10th floor of
Howe and tell the lady with the ducks on her desk your name. Each winning
team gets an American Express gift card as a prize - but go soon, before
those people leave for winter break.

Good luck not being turned into zombies by finals!

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