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Thu Feb 14 00:00:02 EST 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night's meeting, we got a lot of
planning for the events this semester done. Details for the Game Jam below.

We split up into groups to get some games going. Tim and Vinnie are working
together, potentially on a simple RPG. Myself, Frank, and Jesse will be
working on a platformer.

*If anyone who missed the meeting, but wants to form a project or jump in
on an existing one, email me, and we'll work it out, or come to next week's

Game Jam - March 1st to 3rd
Play Testing Night - April 17th or 24th, 8pm-10pm
Board Games - March 20th or 27th, 1pm-4pm and 7pm-10pm
Postmortem/Panel - TBD

*Game Jam Details:*
The Game Jam will be 48 hours, and you do not have to be on location in
Burchard. We will have the room open for an opening keynote at 6pm on
Friday, March 1st, with the competition officially starting at 7pm, and the
room will be open until at least 11pm. On Saturday, March 2nd, the room
will be open at least from noon-4pm. On Sunday, the room will be open from
3-8pm, and with the competition ending at 7pm, and a showcase of finished
games until 8pm.

The games will be judged that week, and the winners will be announced.
Tentatively, prizes will be $50, $25, and $10 visa gift cards. And the
judges and criteria will be discussed next week. I'll have the DuckSync
event up tomorrow, with more details and explicit rules.

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