[Sgdc] Torment: Indie Game Startup

Dylan Hutchison dhutchis at stevens.edu
Tue Mar 19 22:34:59 EDT 2013

Hi all,

As game dev gurus, I thought you might be interested in an example of
perfect logistics in game advertising, particularly by an Indie group:

The developers of Torment managed to raise $1M in about 7 hours on
Kickstarter, and they've raised more ever since.  They're leveraging all
resources-- video, blog, forum, 3rd party reviews, etc.  And they're going
only on concept and developer history-- they don't plan on releasing
Torment until December 2014.

Anyway, hope you like it.  I'm not affiliated with the Torment project
whatsoever; I just think the game looks awesome and I was really impressed
by the developers' coordination.

~Dylan Hutchison
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