[SGDC] Contest Rules and Deadlines

Frank DiCola yoshgunn at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 00:14:27 EDT 2014


Our week long game jam has begun! The theme is *fear* - make a game about
whatever that inspires you to think about! You have until *6:00 pm on
Friday, April 11th.*


   - The game must be one you have not started working on before today.
   - Work must end by 6:00 pm on Friday.
   - You are not allowed to use other people's work. Make whatever art and
   music assets you need on your own - it's a good chance to challenge
   yourself and grow an appreciation for other skillsets.
   - Everyone should attend the end-of-jam showcase on Friday, April 11th,
   at 6:00 pm. This event will be catered and is open to the public. Currently
   it is going to be held in the Linux Lab. At this reception, everyone will
   have a chance to play all of the games and vote on their favorites.
   - First place will win a gift card for *$50.*
   - Second place will win a gift card for *$25.*
   - Third place will win a gift card for *$15.*
   - Your game can be digital, physical, mental, verbal, spiritual,
   - Contact *sgdc at stevens.edu <sgdc at stevens.edu>* if you cannot be at
   Friday's reception or if you have questions.

Happy game making, everyone!

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