[SGDC] Gamejam victory!

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Sun Aug 10 18:23:34 EDT 2014

Alright ladies and gentlemen, congratulations to Gamal Mohamed for being
the only one to submit a game for the competition, making him the winner of
EVERY CATEGORY. I am slightly confused because i received questions from a
couple of people who seemed to be competing, but perhaps something came up.
Regardless, great job Gamal and all are still encouraged to play his game
at https://www.dropbox.com/s/eimhh339nj6fjwm/Steam.exe and leave him useful

WASD - Movement
Left Click - Swing Wrench (damage enemies or repair buildings)
Right Click Hold + Left Click - Place Turret (costs 20 gears)

-Kevin Quigley
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