[SGDC] New E-Board, Next Event!

Frank DiCola yoshgunn at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 23:35:56 EDT 2014


Effective at the end of this semester, SGDC's new E-Board is:

*President - *Kevin Quigley
*Vice-President - *Tim Barbara
*Treasurer - *Erich Polixa
*Secretary - *Jason Gardella

Congratulations to those who were elected! The current E-Board has faith in
them that they will lead the club to glory in the fields of game
development combat!

Additionally, as some of you have heard, our next event is a *week-long
game jam *that begins *Friday April 4th*, and ends *Friday April 11th*. The
secret theme will be announced then, and both events will be open to campus
and have free food. Promotional materials for this event will be
distributed soon, but for now just tell your friends! If the Linux Lab
hasn't been torn down and turned into a hockey rink by then, we will hold
these events there.

Good luck on your games,

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