[SGDC] Important Reminders

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Wed Oct 8 00:16:32 EDT 2014

Hello SGDC,
Here is a recap of all of the important things that were announced tonight:

*Learn Jam*


   10/25/14 - 11 am to 7 pm

   Brunch - donuts and coffee

   Dinner - pizza, snacks and soda

   Courses will be Game Maker (11-1), Blender (1-3), Unity (3-5), FL Studio

   Tabling doc
   - Distribute posters, tell your friends
   - Bring laptop, charger, mouse, and headphones
   - If you would like to TA for a course, email sgdc at stevens.edu and we'll
   put you in contact with the person in charge of that course



   Need web-compatible score-based games (preferably JS), email me directly
   at kquigley at stevens.edu

   Will include the 5-day Game Jam: 11/10 to 11/14 (opening and closing
   will have catering), with a showcase at the super epic lan on 11/15.
   Categorized winners with prizes (ie best art, music, etc.) More details to



   Deadline moved to 10/28/14

   If you have an idea for the name of the machine, please email it to
   sgdc at stevens.edu by Friday evening at 6 pm.

*Club Logo*


   We need a new one. Send designs for an SGDC logo to sgdc at stevens.edu

   Should include a transparent background

*PLEASE sign-up for tabling *
Learn Jam is a really awesome opportunity for non-developers to get their
feet wet and the sooner we notify everyone the less time they have to make
plans on that day! In general, tabling includes sitting outside of Pierce
with posters trying to get people to come to our event. Perhaps we can have
a laptop open with a game or something. It would be really awesome if we
could get the campus excited about this.

If anyone has any questions about any of the aforementioned, email
SGDC at stevens.edu.

-Kevin Quigley
SGDC President
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