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Tim Barbara tbarbara at stevens.edu
Sat Sep 27 09:40:40 EDT 2014

Hey guys,

I got an email from DuChamp telling us to please stop sleeping in the CS lounge. Let's not do that anymore. We don't want to lose access to the room. 


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> From: Dan Duchamp <dduchamp at stevens.edu>
> Date: September 27, 2014 at 7:57:16 AM EDT
> To: Timothy Barbara <tbarbara at stevens.edu>
> Subject: Sleeping in the CS lounge
> There are students sleeping in the CS lounge (318 Lieb).  This is not
> the first time.  Please let the clubs who use L-318 know that sleeping
> in the room is unacceptable.  I came in early and saw these guys up
> late using the machines.  I understand that it is tempting to crash
> after a long night, but folks will have to discipline themselves to
> pick themselves up and go home after they're done.  The lounge is in a
> place of business.  It is not a dedicated club space, it is available
> to all department members.  Folks may come in early to make coffee or
> whatever; it is not acceptable to have to step around guys on the
> floor.
> If the clubs don't discipline themselves, eventually some morning
> someone is going to call Campus Police.  Let's avoid that.
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