[SGDC] Gamejam Winners!

Jason Gardella jgardell at stevens.edu
Tue Sep 30 00:45:39 EDT 2014

Hey everyone!

Our first gamejam of the semester turned out great! We had four game
entries, and a bunch of people came to playtest and vote for their favorite

Without further ado, here is the ranking:

First Place: Elemental Affinity - James Romph
Second Place: Opaf - Kevin Quigley, Brian Intile, Adam Gincel, Alex
Massenzio, Jordan van Horsen
Third Place: Trickery - Alex Thieke
Fourth Place: Mage Tactics - Gamal Mohamed

Thanks to everyone who participated! We had a wide variety of games
submitted, and they each had unique qualities that made them different.
It's also great to see such a large team with members of different
disciplines. First and Second Place winners, give me a couple days to
inform Student Life before you go pick up your prizes.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who came out to
play the games!

See you tomorrow!

Jason Gardella
- SGDC Secretary
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