[SGDC] Meeting Summary

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Wed Feb 4 10:26:38 EST 2015

Hello SGDC,
For those who weren't at last night's Board Game Jam, you missed some
important announcements. For those who were, thanks for coming because we
had some cool prototypes by the end.

   - House Keeping
      - Website
      - Submit T-shirt designs - James has made a joke shirt, more details
      to come
   - Unreal Engine 4 Courses
      - 2/10/15 - Editor
      - 2/17/15 - Blueprint
   - Game Jam 1  - 72 Hours
      - 2/13 - 2/16
      - More details to come
   - Jason has secured our guest speaker - Doug Lombardi, Vice President of
   Marketing at Valve
   - Email kquigley at stevens.edu if you're interested in helping Professor
   Jeff Thompson run Games++

Our next meeting will be *Tuesday, 2/10/15 at 9 pm in Lieb 318*. See you
-Kevin Quigley
SGDC President
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