[SGDC] Meeting Summary

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Wed Feb 18 00:21:12 EST 2015

Hello SGDC,
We decided at tonight's meeting to *postpone the UE4 lesson until next week*
due to a number of attendance conflicts this week as well as Game Jam
overflow. With that said, below are the winners of the Game Jam.

1st Place: Brian Intile with "Freeze"
2nd Place: Adam Gincel and Alex Massenzio with "We Guys"
3rd Place: Nick Antonov and assorted partners with "Rocket Game"
4th Place: Kevin Quigley with "Super Shower Scrubs"

Thanks to all who competed. See you all at next week's meeting!
-Kevin Quigley
SGDC President
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