[SGDC] Summer Game Jam II

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Sat Jun 20 13:27:00 EDT 2015

Hello SGDC,
I am proud to announce that, among other things the various eboard members
are working on, SGDC will be hosting another *Summer Game Jam*. The Jam
will use services such as Google Hangouts and screensharing to *create a
stream and recording of the event* for our new Youtube channel
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLN2t6B7Sq7GVK6IqBG6cXg>.  A complete
list of rules will be made available at the beginning of the competition,
however, for now I ask that everyone* please fill out this doodle so I can
gauge which weekend the most people can participate in.
<http://doodle.com/bphxtx3rkxrc8rq3>* Also, a reminder to keep everyone
updated with your summer projects via the Facebook Group
<https://www.facebook.com/groups/433857053307661/>. Lastly, a reminder that
for those who wish to publish Android apps to the Google Play Store without
the hassle, *SGDC will now publish your apps through the club license*
under two simple conditions: the app has to be available for free with no
ads (except for your own, ie links to your website), and the app has to be
reviewed by the eboard to check for inappropriate content (ie things that
could get us in trouble).

Again, please fill out the Doodle poll and enjoy your summer :)

-Kevin Quigley
SGDC President
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