[SGDC] Q&A Recap & Election Results

Jason Gardella jgardell at stevens.edu
Wed Mar 25 22:20:33 EDT 2015

Hey folks,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Q&A with Doug Lombardi yesterday! We had a
really great turnout and Doug had some really great answers to our
questions. I tried to record the call, but unfortunately the software I was
using stopped recording halfway through. However, Vinny was also recording
with his phone, and the audio quality is actually pretty great.

So, we got this great audio from the interview and nowhere to put it! So I
went ahead and made a YouTube channel for SGDC
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTq2jxRgEJ0f6ZGPJdWRM-w>. We will upload
future events that we record here, and we will probably upload some lessons
from this semester's LearnJam at some point.

Also, I contacted Doug regarding follow up questions, and he said he would
be happy to answer some if we have them. So if you had a question that you
didn't get to ask, send it to me and I will forward it to Doug.

In other news, the results are in from last night's "election" for next
semester's e-board! It was a really close race, and the results are as

*President* - Kevin Quigley
*Vice President* - Jason Gardella
*Treasurer *- Adam Gincel
*Secretary* - Alex Massenzio

This new e-board will take effect starting next semester (Fall 2015).

Again, thanks everyone for coming out to the Q&A last night; if you
couldn't make it, you can listen to the whole thing on our new YouTube

Jason Gardella
- SGDC Vice President
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