[SGDC] Tablesitting

Kevin Quigley kquigley at stevens.edu
Fri Oct 30 13:43:52 EDT 2015

Hello SGDC,
As you hopefully all know, Game Jam VI starts next Friday at 7pm in Lieb
318. I would like to ask that you all sign up to tablesit, even if it's
only for a single one-hour time slot.

Being a member of a club can mean a lot of things. In our club, we have
members like Jeff Meli who have never made an SGDC game but who has always
been happy to help when asked to do so, to members like James Romph who
ceremoniously cranks out GMS games like it's nobodies business, our club
has different types of involvement. The thing we all (should) have in
common is a love for our club and a love for game development. I'm not
gonna lie and say tablesitting is fun, because it's only what YOU make of
it (it can be very fun). But game dev is worth being excited about, and
this is our chance to get everyone else excited about it too. So, if you
want our club to be the best version of itself, then sign-up
for a slot or two and make sure this last jam is the best one our club has
ever had. If you can't edit, it's because you still haven't signed up for
the General Body Folder, in which case, do that here
and then send me a facebook message telling me to fix it. Let's jam.

-Kevin Quigley

SGDC President
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