[SGDC] Club Fair Tomorrow, Welcome Back!

Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 22:39:45 EDT 2016

Hey everyone!

This is probably the last email I'm going to get to send you all before
adding the new freshmen to the mailing list -- Club Fair is tomorrow! Feel
free to stop by to help anytime between 12 and 3pm.

Because Club Fair got moved so soon, we unfortunately do not have a meeting
to prepare for the incoming class. Here's the plan:

*The first meeting of the semester is this Tuesday, August 30th in Lieb
318.* I'm going to tell anyone I meet at Club Fair that the meeting starts
at 9:30. For those interested, this is how the meeting is going to go:

   - Introductions
   - Club explanation, event plans
   - Sizzle Reel showcase
   - *Open Q&A and Playtest Session*

I implore everyone interested to showcase a game. For those able to, please
show up to Lieb around 8:45 or 9:00. This should give us enough time to
prepare Lieb for the Freshmen.
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