[SGDC] First Meeting Recap -- Thank you all!

Adam Gincel agincel at stevens.edu
Wed Aug 31 11:48:55 EDT 2016

Hey everyone!

Last night we had what may have been our biggest first meeting we've ever
had, which is really really exciting! It also meant we weren't sure where
to put everyone so I'm sorry for all of the confusion at the beginning.

If you couldn't make it, that's no problem. I'm gonna include all of the
need-to-know information in this email, and we'd be happy to have you
whenever you can make it.

A brief summary of last night's meeting (kinda long but important! I'll
include a tl;dr at the bottom):

   - Your eboard this semester:
      - Adam Gincel - President
      - Alex Massenzio - Vice President
      - James Romph - Treasurer
      - David Sternik - Secretary

   - We have sibling clubs!
      - We are the Game Development club, focused on the *creation* of
      games (video, board, etc)
      - C2GS is the Computer & Console Gaming Society, which meets
      Thursdays at 9pm in BC122, and focuses on *playing* of games.
      - SCSC is the Stevens Computer Science Club, which meets Wednesdays
      at 9pm in EAS230. *They are the actual Computer Science club, not us!*

   - Our first event, Learn Jam, is taking place on the *Sunday, the 11th
   of September, in Peirce 116 *(not the dining hall), *starting at
      - We currently plan to introduce everyone to Unreal Engine 4, Unity
      5, GameMaker: Studio, Blender, and Git.
         - The club certainly endorses the uses of programs beyond this
         small list, but this list has proven to be a good
introduction to the world
         of game development for less experienced people.
      - This is a great first event if you have no experience in game
      development, or if you're interested in learning a new program.
      - Go to http://sgdc.ml/learnjam for more information, and how to

   - We hold two short-term game development competitions, called Game
   Jams, each semester. Our first Game Jam is tentatively coming up the
   weekend of *September 23-25. *Stay tuned for more details.

   - If you're interested in helping with the Positional Audio VR research
   mentioned at the meeting and I didn't get your email address: fill out this

   - If you'd be interested in helping with the programming, wiring, or
   design of a new arcade cabinet controllwer, fill out this form:

   - Sorry to disappoint everyone, but after talking to Student Life and
   learning that Texas was going to cost at least $300 per person going, I
   don't think the event is feasible on such short notice. I hope we get
   invited a bit earlier next year so we can plan that effort far in advance.

   - Finally, check out our website! I will be referencing this website a
   lot during the semester: http://sgdc.ml
      - It has a big list of games made by members of the club, a list of
      current and past events, and some important social media links!
      - You should join, follow, subcribe, etc, to:
         - http://sgdc.ml/facebook - our facebook page
         - http://sgdc.ml/twitter - our twitter account
         - http://sgdc.ml/itchio - our itch.io profile
         - http://sgdc.ml/github - our github page
         - http://sgdc.ml/youtube - our youtube account
         - http://sgdc.ml/slack - our slack channel
         - http://sgdc.ml/drive - our Google Drive folder.

MAN, that was a lot. Again, thank you everybody for coming out to a really
great first meeting. I hope everyone comes back out for our weekly meetings
and our events!

*TL;DR: We aren't the CS club. Come to Learn Jam on 11-Sept, Fill out the
linked forms if you're interested in VR research or Hardware dev, Texas
basically isn't happening, check out http://sgdc.ml <http://sgdc.ml> and
follow everything.*

Talk to you guys soon!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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