[SGDC] Summer Game Jam III Inbound: Opening at 7:00 PM 6/1

Adam Gincel agincel at stevens.edu
Wed Jun 1 02:53:37 EDT 2016


I hope you've all had a good summer so far! As we talked about towards the
end of the last semester, we're going to hold a really long Summer Jam this

Ideally, it'll motivate people to work on stuff over the break and we can
see everyone's projects in person at the beginning of next semester.

There are going to be three deadlines, or milestones, dates TBA:

1: Screenshots of your game
2: Gameplay footage of your game, either a simple recording or a fancier
3: The downloadable game itself.

To promote active work and not just "I'll game jam the whole thing the last
day," participants will have to submit these by each deadline. This way
we'll have something to talk about during the summer!

Keep an eye out for an email tomorrow at 7:00PM announcing the theme and
reiterating the rules. Facebook, Twitter, and our YouTube will be updated

Talk to you guys soon!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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