[SGDC] Meeting tonight at 9:00! Summer Jam Closing Ceremony!

Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 14:43:52 EDT 2016

Hey everyone!

First things first: we have a meeting *tonight, September 6th *at *9:00pm *in
*Lieb 318.*

Tonight, we'll be closing Summer Jam III, which was held from June to
August and had four submissions. The four people who submitted will present
their games, we'll dedicate some time to play, and everyone present will
vote. This is exactly how voting works at our Game Jams during the
semester, so take this as your chance to see how your games will be judged
in the coming weeks!

In addition, I know some people worked on projects over the summer that may
not have been part of the Summer Jam, so after the closing ceremony I'll
invite anyone with something to present to come up and show it off,
answering questions and the like.

*If you want to do this and I don't already know, feel free to email me, or
just ask me during the meeting.*
Finally, *Learn Jam is this upcoming Sunday*! The event starts at *11:30AM*
and will be in *Peirce 116.* Lesson schedule will be going up at
http://sgdc.ml/lj asap. I whipped up a poster and realize I forgot to put
the starting time oops which will hopefully get delivered so we can get
them up around campus before the weekend. I've attached the poster in case
anyone wants to give us free advertisement ahead of time.

*TL;DR: Meeting tonight at 9 feat Summer Jam closing and random summer
project showcase, Learn Jam on Sunday -- admire my poster plz*

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President
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