[SGDC] Game Jam IX Results!

Adam Gincel adam.gincel at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 23:39:12 EDT 2016

*TL;DR: Tonight was record setting, people won stuff (if you won stuff
please read), all of the submissions were awesome and we'll see you all on

Woah. Thanks to everyone to coming out to our record-setting Game Jam IX
closing ceremony! (I know it was long -- thanks to everyone who stayed
until the end)

*Records broken:*

   - Most submissions to an SGDC Game Jam: 13 submissions
   - Largest team to enter a Jam (12 people credited on itch.io)
   - Freshmen sweeping the category prizes!
   - Most prizes given out (3 placement, 3 category, 3 raffle)
   - *Longest *closing ceremony (3.5 hours). Whew.

There may be more. Who knows. Anyway: congratulations to everyone who
participated in the Jam! All of the entries were high quality -- we're
really glad to see everyone's enthusiasm and talent. Even if you didn't
place well this jam, you did a great job and we're thrilled to see so many
people competing.

Now, our winners:

   - *1st Place*: *Pakij* - James Romph, Alex Massenzio, and Ben Blease
   - *2nd Place*: *Tracks* - Adam Gincel & Ari Fiekowsky (not a club member)
   - *3rd Place*: *Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling (yeah)* - Ian

   - *Best Visual Design*: *Startup* (Isaac Hirschfeld, Steph Oro ,Tarin
   Nuamcharoen, Katie Bryant, Sen Holmes, Izzy Joyce, Kristen Buglio, PJ
   Lobello, Brad Tylutki, Jamie Shamilian, Burns, & Mecks Copeland I ripped
   that from itch.io)
   - *Best Audio Design*: *The Clockmaker* - Nicholas Ciulla
   - *Best Use of Theme*: *Debugger* - Lucas Gizman

*If you won a prize*, I recommend you check out http://sgdc.ml/#catalog
where we have prize suggestions for various prize levels. I'll be sending
you all a separate email later on.

Also congrats to our raffle winners: Sen and Katie, who won SGDC shirts,
and to Bruno, who won a GameMaker: Studio license!

Thank you all so much for the work you put into your awesome submissions.
You've now seen firsthand the kinds of things that can go well, and can go
not-so-well during a packed 48 hour game jam. I hope to see you all at
Tuesday's meeting where we're gonna talk about how it all went and relax a
bit as a club.

See you all soon, and get some rest!
Adam Gincel
SGDC President

PS: I have attached the full results of the vote. Categories were decided
by a simple vote count. The placements were calculated using something
called 1/(n+1) voting, where a vote for 1st was worth 1/2 points, a vote
for 2nd worth 1/3, etc. I've attached the final tally, and the actual
votes.csv file if anyone is curious.
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